Namaqualand, South Africa

Trans Hex has been contracted by West Coast Resources (Pty) Ltd to manage the     day-to-day operations of its Namaqualand project. The Mine is situated approximately 60 km south of Port Nolloth along the West Coast of the Northern Cape and spans a total geographical area of more than 2 750 km2.

Trans Hex holds a 67,2% stake in West Coast Resources, while the balance of the shares is held by  the State through the Department of Public Enterprises (20,0%), Dinoka Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd (8,8%) and the Namaqualand Diamond Fund Trust (4,0%).

Somiluana Mine, Angola

Trans Hex operates the Somiluana Mine, located approximately 1 000 km northeast of Luanda in the diamond-rich but underdeveloped province of Lunda Norte. Trans Hex holds a 33% stake in the Mine, while Endiama, the state diamond company, holds a 39% stake; the balance of the shares is collectively held by three local companies. Somiluana started production in June 2010.

Trans Hex Diamond Cutting Works, South Africa

Trans Hex Diamond Cutting Works (THDCW), located in Johannesburg, is a small-scale, black-empowered cutting and polishing factory that beneficiates a percentage of the Group’s South African-mined diamonds.

Trans Hex is a 75% shareholder in THDCW.